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Actionscript 3 Tween Library Skinner’s Gtween vs Greensock’s tweenlite

Posted in actionscript 3 by wwwebber on July 5, 2010

Just wanted to add a little extra feed back for anyone who is currently trying to decide on an Actionscript 3 tween library. There are many other to choose from. I spent some time over the last month playing with both Grant Skinner’s GTween library and GreenSock’s TweenLight library . In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with either one. Both are awesome and I’m glad someone did almost all that heavy lifting!

However, after using both libraries over the course of the development of my most recent online maths games Rj The Robot on the topic of how to combine like terms.

First off, why both libraries ROCK!
-Awesome levels of customization of tween types (sinusodal, Bounce etc..) the differences here are small. At the time of this post, Greensock has some that the GTween library does not .
– Optimized performace.

How they Differ

Object Model
Greensock— You can use either static based methods to create tweens or use good old OOP to create tween objects.
GTween –it uses an object model, though a static based interface is also available

ie–they are pretty much the same here.

Greensock wins this–it comes with an awesome component that let’s you visualize tweens and will actually output the code needed to create the tween! Go Greensock (see what I mean here)
GTween–Do not think anything like this is provided.

Greensock– TweenLite does not include an event system. However, if events are important to you then you just use GreenSock’s TweenMax (also free).
GTween– has a great event system.

Error reporting
Greensock– Hands down wins in the experiments I ran. If you pass Greensock a null object, it will throw an Error reporting the null reference.
GTween– In my tests, Gtween silently did nothing when I tried to tween a null object.
The winner here is clearly the Greensock library. Addendum: It turns out there is a reason for Gtween accepting null objects –read comments below. ┬áThat ┬ásaid, Greensock allows the same chaining of events but reports null pointers.

In the end, you really can’t go wrong with either library. They both support object oriented syntax, chaining of tweens,and event dispatching and listening (Greensock only does this with the TweenMax..which is also free). Greensock does have a few extra tween types , the awesome visualizer as well as some amazing plugins –all of which led me to go with using Greensock.

If I you know of any other differences that I missed (and I know there must be many), please fire off a quick comment.