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Actionscript 3: loading external bitmapdata and sounds

Posted in Uncategorized by wwwebber on July 12, 2009

loading_flashI recently made a math game involving equivalent fractions –it was a lot of fun, my favorite kind of programming. It makes use of about 10 sound files including 4 sound tracks and about 40 rasterized images…needless to say the final file size was too big and the game loaded too slow..initially, the game was  almost 800 kb!  well, i  have almost got it below 500 kilobytes by loading all of the images externally as well as most of the sounds. It’s amazing what a difference the loadiong processcan  make for the end user. If you do it right, the user can just the directions about how to play the game while most or all of the graphics and sounds are being loaded in the background.

Still, my biggest problem about preloading is the fact that flash does not support loading wav files at run time! This is amazingly annoying especially when you consider the fact mp3 files are a  pain in the but to deal with–if  you have to loop them–since mp3’s have header and leader space . If you need to loop mp3’s seemleassly just read this article compliments of 8bitrocket.com


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